Thursday, 30 April 2015

Do you want to know something?

This time I thought I'd write a post that included some photos and a little more about me  :-)

Whilst I'm all about being 100% honest, there are some things that are kept private obviously as this is the Internet, and if anyone knows about privacy on the Internet and what it can lead to, it's me.

So here goes...
If you didn't already know what I look like (which if you'd checked out my Instagram, you would. Go and have a look, it's a beautiful place. I love Instagram!) here's a picture!

Admittedly I was just slightly skinnier in this photo, ha! And maybe my hair is a different colour but hey, this was June alright! Close enough for me! 

I'm 18 years of age and am 5ft 4inches there abouts, so basically, short. 
No one cares about what I weigh and that's just a little too personal, but for the record, I weigh just a little more than I should right now, whoops tee hee. (Granted, I am doing something about this.)
People say I look a bit Hispanic but I am 100% as British as British can get. More specifically, half of me is Leicestershire and the other half Somerset, but born and raised in Warwickshire. That's not even the correct way of explaining that, I know. Be proud of your heritage. Lol.
My favourite thing to eat is anything that makes you gain weight. Not by choice unfortunately. That's just how I was blessed. This is a strictly 'no thigh gap and all stretchmarks zone' ok? Just kidding. Embrace that thigh gap and flawless skin!
Oh and I forgot to mention cellulite didn't I?... We'll all get it ladies!
I won't continue with favourite food because we'll be here all day.
Favourite Music? I have such an eclectic taste that again we'd be here all day. I briefly mentioned music in a post years ago and not much has changed. Pretty much anything. Except rubbish pop crap... alright the occasional Nick Jonas song fair enough... 
My favourite alcoholic beverage is Malibu and Coke, just if you ever decide to buy me a drink ;-)
Favourite colour is purple.
Flower? Lotus. Completely unnecessary but I'm struggling here.
Favourite place I've visited so far? I haven't been to many places but abroad I think the Canary Islands are beautiful. Here in good old England, well I think London is a pretty fab place if I'm honest.
Allergies? Pretty much everything.
Work? I'm an Apprentice Office Administrator studying an NVQ Business and Administration qualification (which sounds way more complicated than it is, I'm not bigging it up). Also, I'm a bar maid, which I enjoy very much :-)
Disabilities? Eczema, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Asthma. That's in order of most annoying. Eczema being most annoying.
Favourite thing to say? No. Ha! That's a hard question actually because I talk a lot... evidently.
First word? 'Wu-wu' (meaning windmill).
Are you religious? No - but if I chose to follow one, it would be Buddhism.
Any tattoos? Yes, two (see pictures below) ;-) 
Peircings? Yep, 4 on my ears and my belly button!
Obvious question, favourite Disney film? Pocahontas! Or Scooby-Doo but that's not Disney is it? Lol.
Lastly, my favourite animal? GIRAFFES. You'll soon learn this about me but they are pretty much my life. 

Now after all that I'll just bombard you with a few photos and captions just to end the post :-)

I don't always get this drunk, this time was exceptional, I promise...

I didn't want to post too many photos of my family or friends just yet as this is an extremely public place and as I've decided to have no controls over who can view this blog (for justified reasons) I don't feel it's fair to post pictures of them without their consent. I'm sure anyone reading this is decent enough to respect privacy. I'm not saying never, but just for now, since this time around I have shared my blog on my Facebook to encourage friends and family to read it :-)

Happy reading! :-)

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