Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I was so happy when awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award because it's not like I've been doing this long and it wasn't something I thought was really gonna take off! I am so appreciative of all the feedback I've had and lovely messages about my posts that it's inspired me to write more! I've spent the last 2-3 years of my life reading blogs but never plucked up the courage to actually start my own, but I'm so glad I did now!

Anyway there are a few rules involved, they are as follows:
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Complete the form below/answer the questions.
3. Award ten other bloggers, and let them know.
4. Share seven random thoughts about yourself.

The Questions:

1. Name your favourite songs:
- Woahh this is such a hard question haha! When you're such a music lover like me it's so hard to choose just one! Hmm, I guess if I had to pick, at the moment it would be 'Never too much' by Luther Vandross, simply because this is one of my boyfriends favourite songs and it reminds me of him! :D

2. Name your favourite dessert:
Now I'm not a fussy eater but when it comes to dessert I'm way more picky! I absolutley love Jelly & Strawberry Angel Delight! I'm sucha old school kid :-P

3. What ticks me off:
- When people lie about the most pathetic things, and don't even think about other peoples feelings or the consequences until they're caught out!

4. When I'm upset I:
- Usually I go really quiet and prefer not to talk to anyone, I always bottle it up! Which is NOT good! If you push me far enough I'll probably crack and tell you, but I hate telling someone I'm upset, I'm good at putting on a brave face...

5. What's your favourite pet:
- I only have one pet, and she is called Oreo :-P and she is a Mouse! :D She's called Oreo beacuse she has brown & white markings on her lol :) I had another one too called Cornflakes beacuse she was a beautiful gingery/orange colour but she died a few months back :(

6. Black or White:
White! There is nothing like a nice, freshly washed, white top/shirt. (Thought I'd add a cheeky fact, there is just something about boys in white tops in the summer, do not ask me why. It's an odd fetish I know.. but not just ANY boy of course.. preferably my boyfriend :-P hahaha!)

7. What's your biggest fear:
- Losing someone you I really care about :( but other than that.. SPIDERS. OH MY GOD, I CANNOT STAND THE THINGS!

8. What's your everyday attitude:
- Usually I'm quite positive and cheerful :) Everyone has their bad days of course, but I'm one of those people that will do anything to make sure I've got some purpose to my life :) I've been to a place where I felt like life was just not worth it at all.. and I don't plan on going back :)

9. What is perfection:
- Sam, my boyfriend, :) <3

10. Guilty Pleasure:
- My teddy bears! Yes, I am 15 and I still sleep with a teddy bear! I do not care what anyone thinks, they have so much sentimental value to me it's unreal! :')

Seven Random Facts:

1. I am absolutley rubbish at maths... it's like dyslexia but with numbers-.-

2. I want to work in/study Law :)

3. I'm allergic to: Cats, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Horses -.-

4. I have a really hard time learning to trust people..

5. I am not the most normal girl you could meet lol :D

6. I love Law & Order UK so much it's almost insane.

7. Finally I am excited to carry on blogging into the future!!

Blogs I awarded: (Could only award 3 since I'm not following a huge amount of people at the moment! And some who I wanted to award have already done it!)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

This will be a year to remember...

Hey you guysssssss :P
Hope everyone had a lovely New Years! I went to a dress up party as Lara Croft LOL. People wore some awesome costumes! You never can beat a good dress up party. This year I made a promise to myself that I would try remain sober :P as last year was such a disaster, I was so drunk I missed the 12pm celebration tehehe *cheeky face* and spent New Years day on the sofa, hungover.. not fun at all -.- So this year I achieved that goal and was rather pleased with myself! I sound like such an alcoholic, but I'm really not :P I have Epilepsy so drinking a lot, regularly, wouldn't be a wise thing to do! Does anyone else have Epilepsy? What medication do you take & how do you get on with it? I'm starting a new one soon called 'Keppra', apparently it's not the nicest medication to be on, but after awhile your body gets used to it..? Bit apprehensive I must say.

Okkkk, now onto the actual point of this post.. on New Years Day which was Sunday, I got a bite around the back of my knee on my right leg.. at first I didn't think anything of it since it was just a small itchy bite and that was the end of it... until Monday... my leg continued to get bigger and bigger and it was hard.. like a bar of soap was in my leg! So gross -.- and by Wednesday morning, it was huge...

Can you see that mahoosive lump?

I could hardly walk, since it was on the back of my leg it was so painful to bend all the way in, and stretch all the way out, so putting my foot flat on the floor was agony! :( My Mum decided to take me to A&E early Thursday morning since I was in so much pain :'( The doc examined my leg and said it looks like I was going to have to have surgery to remove whatever was in there, but first I'd be sent for an Ultra Sound just to see if there was anything in there like infection, fluid etc. (Btw sorry if you're squeamish!) The Ultra Sound revealed nothing, and so they decided to admit me to a childrens ward where I'd have a strong, adult dose of antibiotics 4-6 times a day through a canula.. A canula is what they give you if you were to have an IV drip. My antibiotics were given through a syringe into the canula so they would go directly into my blood stream and ultimatley work faster!

    That's a Canula :) When I got to A&E my veins just didn't wanna know -.- they we're so uncooperative and the doc had to try two or three times to even get one in! I now have a lovely juicy bruise on my arm where he attempted the first time -.- but eventually he got one in my left hand (above) although, that only lasted until Thursday night and the Orthopaedic doc had to come and attempt to put another one in, except my veins were being stubborn yet again and just didnt pop up! I was very dehydrated after having a lot of sickness and so my veins were collapsing all the time. He tried twice in my right hand.. no joy. But in the end he got one in my right forearm (so painful here!)
    That isn't the end though... after 2-4 hours this one had gone again. What was happening was the vein was collapsing and the canula was slipping out of my vein, this was due to the amount of medicine being shoved in my vein every few hours and my body just didn't like it! So the doctor was pleased to see me again haha! He came and managed to get one in my forearm on my LEFT this time -.- this one lasted a good while, but it wasn't the last one!!!! By Saturday night it had gone again and the doctor had just about had enough and said if this one didn't last, he'd have to try in my foot!
    Anywayyyyy, I ended up with a good, big vein in my right forearm again but in a slightly different place and that one lasted me til I went home! Monday morning the consultant came around as usual and had a look at my leg, which hadn't seemed to improve except swelling had gone down considerably.. in the end he decided an operation would be my best bet and said I'd be going to theatre first thing Tuesday morning and there'd be a General Anesthetic blah blah blah. I was nervous, but more excited.. lolll is that weird!?
     So I had the op, and I have a small cut and one stitch.. and a mahoooosive bandage! It's Thursday 12th now and I'm going back to the hospital tomorrow to have a new bandage & the stitch out :) yayyy! Most people would say that a General Anesthetic made them feel nauseous, groggy, tired.. but I felt great!! I was so happy and giggly when I woke up and the op only took roughly 30mins! I was so pleased because the surgeon wrote out my discharge letter and I was going home the same day with oral antibiotics! So I was let out Tuesday evening and Mum took me for a Maccy's :P I was SO happy!! I wrote a nice Thankyou note for all the Nurses that looked after me on my ward because I was treated so lovely and I couldn't of had a better time there despite being in pain and throwing up all the time -.-!

I know that was like, a reallllly long, possibly boring post, but I hope some of you find it interesting! Spending the 2nd week of 2012 in hospital won't be forgotten! My boyfriend was so sweet and came to visit me!! It was a surprise and he bought me chocolates :') I didn't expect him to come but he did and it made my whole week tehehe :')!

Thankyou for reading birdiessss! Tarrrrrrraaaaa :)