Thursday, 15 December 2011

Alright, so...

I'm Lisa. If you hadn't already figured that out... I have no idea why I wanted to start a 'blog' ^.^ but sometimes I get bored, and I like to write stuff. I'm not gonna lie, I hate writing.. like pen & paper, so doing it like this is waaaay easier. I'm not really bothered if no one reads this. D'oh..
Anywaysssss, I can honestly say, I am not the most normal girl :P in fact, I'm probably insanely strange to most people but arrrrr weeeelll. Um, so the plan is to write about anything I want to :) I have like.. 3 diaries -.- okay, that's an exaggeration but yeah, I just write as I think :)
Just in case you didn't know what I look like, not that you're probably bothered, but this is me...

Alright so I guess I should talk about stuff I like to do, etc. Wellllllll, I love to play guitar, and I love to sing.. NO I DO NOT WANT TO BE A MUSICIAN/SINGER AND BE FAMOUS.. just to get that out there tehehe. Errrrrm, I am obsessed with Giraffes, anything to do with Giraffes, I think they are the most beautiful creatures on the planet :') I believe the best time spent in my life atm, is the time spent with my family :)
I have a bestfriend called Tamsin.. she is also abnormal like me :') and just as it happens, we have a YouTube! Link -  
It speaks for itself :)
My fave thing to eat is Nutella, OMG. I cannot get enough :P Except.. this will probably change in like a months time because I love food :') Fave Music, umm, don't have a specific fave, I love all sorts. From Bon Jovi to Jessie J and ACDC to JLS.. well, no, I tell a lie. I don't particularly love JLS.. -.- but I will listen :)
Kay, I'm going now...


  1. hi lisa! first off, welcome to blogger! i enjoyed reading this post and learning stuff about you. i also reeeeaaallly love nutella. i cannot get enough of it either, it is delicious! :)

    looking forward to your future posts!

    <3, Mimi
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  2. I would love to know how to play the guitar...however I have an awful musical ear. lol xx